Post Production Audio Editing, Sound Design, and Mixing
The A & E Series:  "Biography", "American Justice", and "The Unexplained" - over 45 hours of programming 
The History Channel: 
"Wrath of God - Disasters In America" Series 1 & 2
"The History of The FBI" Series
"The Great Depression" Series with Mario Cuomo
"The Last Mass Execution in America" 
The 14th Annual All Madden Team - Fox Sports 
Ace Hardware Dealer Radio Campaign - Bozell Advertising 
White Hen Pantry Radio Campaign - Jordan Tamraz Caruso Advertising 
Village Cycle Center Radio Campaign - Jordan Tamraz Caruso Advertising 
Lands End Christmas Radio Drama Phone-In Program
Shaka Guide GPS Driving Tours
The Cracking Open Podcast
The Beautiful Writers Group Podcast
Various Radio and Television Commercials for multiple agencies and products including:
Leo Burnett 
DDB Needham 
J Walter Thompson 
Bozell Worldwide 
Frankel & Company 
Vince Cullers Advertising 
The Hiebing Group 
Fox Sports 
Precious Moments Incorporated 
Cellular One 
The Chicago Sun Times 
Discover Card 
Empress Casino 
Famous Footwear 
The Jenny Jones Show
Kraft Singles 
Oscar Mayer 
Southwestern Bell 
United Audio Center 
Wilson Golf
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